Silver Dollar ~ 4cm

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Silver Dollars – Metynnis hypsauchen

The fish that you will receive will be approximately 4cm.

The Silver Dollar has been a favourite amongst aquarists for many years. Its brilliant silver sheen,  shoaling behaviour and peaceful demeanour make it a very popular choice for the larger community aquarium.  They should be kept in schools of 4 or more.

The Silver Dollar is fairly hardy once acclimatised but fluctuating water chemistry should be avoided.  They can also be susceptible to high Nitrates.

Adult Length: 15cm in captivity

Temperature Range 24-28 C

pH Range: 6.5-7.5

Special Requirements:  Prefer a mature and stable environment.

Tanks Mates: They are generally peaceful herbivores. They can be stocked with any other peaceful fish.

Feeding: Herbivore primarily, but will go after most anything you put in the tank. Give them a varied diet of fish food including algae wafers, flake, freeze dried and live foods for optimum health

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