Yamato Amano Shrimp ~ 1-2cm

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The Yamato or Amano Shrimp is another peaceful community shrimp. They are a bit larger than the Cherry or Crystal Shrimps and have more subtle coloration. They require excellent stable water quality and a well planted tank to thrive. They like to be kept in a group and will be more confident.

These little shrimps are sensitive to water conditions. They need soft water and many keepers will use a percentage of RO water to maintian the tank conditions.

Species – Yamato Shrimp - Caridina multidentata

Current Size – 1-2cm

Adult Length – 5cm

Temperature Range – 22 - 28°C

pH Range – 6.07.5

Special Requirements - They prefer a soft, slightly acidic water.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – These little shrimps can make a meal for a lot of tropical fish so the main tank mates have to be small and placid.      


Feeding –  They are an omnivore, eating algae, detritus and left over food. They are constant grazers on algae but if this is lacking in the tank supply them with algae wafers or a crushed flake, or shrimp pellets.

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