8-10cm Wild Caught Discus


Discus – Symphysodon sp.

We have been lucky enough to have a few wild caught fish arrive from one of our South American suppliers. These fish are directly from our Peru shipper and are wild caught fish. 
They have been with us for a few weeks. This fish have been wormed and anti bacterial treated, we are now happy with how these fish are feeding and behaving. 

Discus Community - Please research how to keep these beautiful fish before purchase.                                                                                              

Discus are, arguably, amongst the most beautiful of all tropical fish in the world. They are members of the cichlid family but are unlike most other cichlids in their requirements and behaviour.  They enjoy being kept in groups, only moving away from the group during breeding.

They prefer a deep and spacious, well planted aquarium with slightly acidic soft water . They prefer warmer water than most other tropical fish.

Adult Length:  8-10cm

Temperature Range 25-29 C

pH Range: 5.4-7

Special Requirements:  Excellent water quality and a mature clean aquarium is essential. Many people use RO water to keep them, especially in hard water areas.

Tanks Mates:  They prefer a species only tank although many people keep them with Cardinal Tetra very successfully which can make a stunning display.

Feeding:  Discus are carnivorous. They like live or frozen food such as Tubifex or Bloodworm although they will be happy with a good quality discus pellet.

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