African Tiger Fish ~ 7cm - 10cm

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African Tiger Fish - Hydrocynus vittatus

Community with caution.                                                                                                    

The fish you will receive is approximately 7cm - 10cm

Adult Length: When given adequate food and care, tiger fish can often grow to a few feet in length. 

Temperature Range 22-27°

pH Range: 6.5 -7.5

Special Requirements:  A large tank with plenty of space. Tiger fish also produce a large amount of waste and their aquariums should have very powerful filtration systems.

Tanks Mates:  They are highly predatory and will attack and kill any tank mate that it considers prey. They should only be kept with other extremely large species like perch and bichirs.

Feeding: . They are fierce carnivores and enjoy meaty foods including baitfish, shrimp etc. They can also be trained to accept most frozen foods and pellet based foods.

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