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The Team

Andrew Lintott

Andrew completed a degree in Aquaculture 28 years ago and has been fish farming ever since. He has also owned and operated 2 aquatic centres. After leading the internet pond fish market with The Carp Co. for a decade, he decided that it was time to do the same for tropical fish keepers around the country. Although he doesn't get his hands wet very often now, he is always on hand to offer the benefit of his experience to any customer who may require it.

Sean Miller

Sean has worked with us at Bourne Valley for the last 12 years becoming full time after completing his degree in Aquaculture at Hadlow College. He started working at The CarpCo, but soon moved over to The TropCo. The Carpco's loss was certainly The TropCo's gain as he soon became the TropCo manager. As well being Head of TropCo, he has also whole heartedly embraced an additional role as Head of Marketing. He runs our Facebook pages, Instagram and Whatsapp, so if you contact us via our social media you will have the pleasure of speaking to Sean. He is fantastic at his job and a great asset to our team!

Dylan Haddon AKA the fish wizard

Dylan is the oldest member of staff in the Trop House, but he's young at heart. He has a wicked sense of humour and enthusiasm which is hard to match in the industry. His decades of experience are reflected in his expanse of fishkeeping knowledge. We've yet to find a question about fish that Dylan can't answer! We are very grateful to have him in the team, and as the manager of the trop house!

Callum Millwood

Callum started working at The TropCo during the height of the COVID pandemic. As an avid fisherman, he has an extensive knowledge of fish husbandry both in the tropical and coldwater departments. Although he is a man of few words, the Trop House wouldn't be the same without him.


Dan has progressed from part time role into a more regular position at The TropCo. He is a great aid to the industry and the hobby as a whole. He has been invaluable to us with his weekend work and is forever aiding customers each weekend with his extensive knowedge of fish. His ability to breed species which others struggle with is beyond our understanding, he is a man who knows no boundaries! Dan is an entertaining member of the Trop House and has really come into his own over the past year.

Josh Ledger 

Josh, the latest addition to The TropCo team, started as a work experience student but swiftly integrated into the Trop House. His passion for fish and insatiable curiosity have made him an exemplary model of transforming a hobby into a profession, showcasing the potential of pursuing one's passions in a career.

Jack Nicklin

Jack joined the Carp Co in 2006 where he turned his passion for fish into a career. His ability to find solutions to any problem has made him indispensable to everybody here. He has been instrumental at bringing this humble fish farm into the 21st century, developing an exceptional IT system which keeps track of your order from the second the order is made, right up until it is delivered to your door. Without his R & D into nitrifying bacteria production, our Tropical fish house could not operate in the way that it does and his welding skills are also the only thing holding it all up!

Natalie King

Natalie left for a while to have a Son and we were worried that she would not return. Well, she has and immediately continued where she left off. She is an expert multi-tasker and is never too busy to help anyone. She is a fundamental part of the operations of a busy internet business, Ornamental Fish Farm and now the Trop Co.. How she still manages to find the energy to look after her horse is a mystery to us all! I suspect that dealing with horses for many years is how she is so equipped at controlling the fish boys though!

Beth Simmonds

She may be small, but she has a big personality. As the office manager, there is a high chance when you call or email the office you'll be lucky enough to speak to Beth. She always does her best to go the extra mile for our customers and, although she can be a bit scary at times, the farm would come to a standstill without her.

The fish farm boys

Stuart, Aaron, Jago and Toby are always on hand to help out with the tropical fish. They run Bourne Valley Fish Farm in an exceptionally efficient manner, producing over 300,000 fish a year whilst sending out over 20,000 orders in a typical season. This is no mean feat and something that they should be very proud of.