The Trop Company
Bourne Valley Fish Farm, Hamptons Road Hadlow, Tonbridge Kent TN11 9RG United Kingdom 01732 243424
Stunning Tropical Fish Delivered Direct To Your Door
Quality Tropical Fish Delivered
Seven day guarantee
£19.95 fixed delivery charge

The Trop Co.

The Fish FarmAfter over 20 years of operating one of the largest and most successful Ornamental fish farms in the country together with 10 years of operating Carpco and sending over 100000 boxes of Ornamental Fish direct to customers doorsteps, we have decided to take the plunge and offer Tropical Fish to our customers as well.

No longer is it necessary to visit your local aquatic centre for your aquarium stock. You can order directly from us and have your tropical fish delivered direct to your door. A saving of money for you and a reduction in stress levels for the fish. We are also able to reach some of the farthest reaches of Mainland Britain so now, more people can enjoy the tranquillity of a tropical aquarium.

We are also able to offer full customer support with over 40 years experience of Fish Health and pond and aquarium Management in our office every day.

 Bio-security is extremely important and it goes hand in hand with the quality of fish that we sell. We welcome visitors to the farm by appointment but please do not be offended if we ask you to disinfect your shoes in our footbath. We understand the disease risks associated with many imported fish and we do not intend to ever see them here! We are very careful to only source the best and healthiest tropical fish stocks from around the world.

It is with great pleasure that we are able to back up the quality of our fish with a full 7 day guarantee. You will struggle to find such a guarantee with any other fish retailer, either online or in-store.