6 x Assorted Potted Echinodorus Aquarium Plants

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You will receive an assorted selection of stunning potted Echinodorus Plants for you tank.

Echinodorus species are commonly referred to as Amazon Sword Plants. They are Easy to grow is a well lit aquarium and provide excellent cover for the fish that prefer to lurk rather than frequent the open areas. The majority of the Amazon Sword plants grow tall and so make an ideal back drop for your tank. Some fish do like to snack on the leaves but, as the Echinodorus grow so well, they can usually more than keep up with the average graser!

The mix will be made up from the list below

Echinodorus Ozelot

Echinodorus bleheri

Echinodorus cordifolius 

Echinodorus marble queen

Echinodorus lena

Echinodorus obvatus

Echinodorus Jan Harbich

We may also include other Echinodorus varieties that are available at the time. We cannot guarantee 6 different plants but we will always try to ensure that you receive 3 different varieties in your assortment of 6.

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