Black Kuhli Loach ~ 5cm - 6cm

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This interesting eel-like loach is a great choice for the community tank and relatively easy to keep. They remain fairly invisible during the day, usually appearing at dusk and mainly feeding at night. If you have a dimly lit aquarium then this can be ideal. They prefer a sandy or smooth gravelled substrate.

Species – Black Kuhli Loach - Pangio Kuhlii 

Current Size – 5cm - 6cm

Adult Length – 8cm

Temperature Range – 22 - 28°C

pH Range – 6.0 – 8.0

Special Requirements - It is important that your filter is well screened as these little loach can get anywhere.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – This is a very peaceful loach and will not trouble any other tank mates.

Feeding – They are scavengers and will sift through the substrate looking for waste food.

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