Golden Vampire Plec L172 - 6-7cm


Golden Vampire Plec - Leporacanthicus heterodon

The fish you will receive are approximately 6-7cm


The Golden Vampire Plec has the distinctive teeth in the upper jaw, resembling a vampire. These teeth are used for feeding, especially when snails need removing from their shells. The golden Vapire is the smallest grwoing of this family and these specimens are at adult size. They can be territorial towards other bottom dwellers so tank mates should be chosen wisely. 

Adult Length:  18cm

Temperature Range  23-28 C

pH Range: 6.0-7.5

Special Requirements: Substrate should be sandy and smooth.

Tanks Mates:  Tank mates can be varied but other bottom dwellers should be chosen wisely as this fish can be territorial and aggressive to anyone that wished to share its space, especially its hiding places.

Feeding:  They should be fed a variety of algae wafers, spirulina based flake and also vegetable matter like cucumber and lettuce. They are an omnivore so regular pellets and flake foods will be accepted.

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