Golden Wonder Panchax ~ 3cm - 4cm

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Golden Wonder Panchax - Panchax lineatum

Medium Community     

A gold form of the indian striped panchax, this is a top dwelling fish that enjoys living in a small shoal. They like a well planted aquarium (floating plants are ideal) and can be kept in fresh or slightly brackish water. They are predatory so should not be kept with small tetras etc. 

Adult Length: 9cm

Temperature Range 21-25 C

pH Range: 5.5 - 7.5 (although they will acclimatise to most water conditions)

Special Requirements:  None

Tanks Mates: The Golden Pachax is predatory so these shouldbe housed with medium sized peaceful community fish. Anything too small may be eaten

Feeding: . They are mainly carnivorous. They will eat dry flake food off the surface but they also enjoy all live food and frozen. 

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