Interpet Anti Parasite Slime & Velvet Plus 100ml


Interpet Anti Parasite Slime & Velvet Plus is a water treatment that stops outbreaks of protozon parasites in your aquarium.

Fish often carry a small population of skin and gill parasites. When fish are stressed, this population will rapidly increase, endangering your fish's life.

Eradicates flukes and protozoa.

Treats velvet, slime skin and gill parasites.

Reduces levels of parasites.

Interpet Anti Parasite Slime & Velvet Plus will eradicate velvet, flukes and protozon parasites from your aquarium during the free swimming stage of their life cycle.

Fish disease is often caused by poor water quality. Use easy test kits regularly to ensure your aquarium water is healthy.

Dosage: 1ml of Disease Away treats 5L.


Total Water Treated: 500 litres.

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