Perugia Limia ~ 2cm - 3cm

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Perugia Limia - Limia Perugiae

A beautiful rarity, Perugia's Limia is a relatively large livebearer, growing to almost 4 inches.

Schooling fish/Usually found in groups

Adult Length: This species grows to a length of 10 centimetres 

Temperature Range 24-28°

pH Range:6.8 7.5

Special Requirements:  Aim to provide regular, fresh water changes along with a varied diet. Plenty of aquatic vegetation will also provide hiding areas for fry.

Tanks Mates:  They are highly predatory and will attack and kill any tank mate that it considers prey. They should only be kept with other extremely large species like perch and bichirs.

Feeding: . A variety of flake, freeze dried, frozen and live foods. Spirulina algae will help promote their health and vibrancy

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