Platinum Parrot Cichlid ~ 3cm - 4cm


Platinum Parrot Cichlid

The Parrot Cichlid is a man made (hybridised) cichlid that is very much like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Personally I love it and it is a great community fish. It is peaceful, inquisitive and intelligent. It is the way that they interact with their keepers that endear them to many. The Baby Parrots that we have available will change colour as they mature. Their final colour is not definite. Most will be a Red/Orange.

When first introduced to a tank they can be timid but they will very quickly settle, becoming playful and active. They are a hardy, undemanding fish that only require room to swim, compatible tank mates and good food in order to be happy.

Some companies sell dyed parrots. Our parrots are bred to have vibrant colours. They are not dyed.


Adult Length: 20cm

Temperature Range: 23 to 27°C

pH Range:  6.0 – 7.5

Special Requirements: Although easy to keep, parrots can be messy.

Tanks Mates: The parrot is an ideal tank mate for nearly all passive fish. It is not aggressive but may eat the smallest of small tank mates.

Feeding: They are omnivores and should be fed a good mixed diet. Feed with colour enhancing pellets to maintain their vibrant colour




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