Pseudomugil Spotted Blue Eye ~ 1cm - 2cm


Spotted Blue Eye  – Pseudomugil gertrudae

The fish you will recieve will be approximately 1-2cm

The photo shows a mature male. The females are not quite as dramatic and you will be sent a random mix of sexes.


The Pseudomugil Rainbow fish is a peaceful shoaling fish that enjoys a well planted aquarium with free swimming areas. They should be kept in a shoal of 6 or more. 
Due to the risk of being outcompeted for food they are not well suited to a community quarium and should be housed with fish of a similar size. 

Adult Length: 3-3.5cm

Temperature Range 18°- 26°

pH Range: 6.5 - 7.5

Special Requirements:  They prefer a heavilty planted aqaurium with a fair amount of flow in the tank. 

Tanks Mates: Not suited to being placed with larger fish as they may be mistaken for food or will be outcompeted for food.

Feeding: . They are an omnivores and should be fed a good quality varied died that includes crushed flake and live or frozen food. 

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