Red Bellied Pacu ~ 8cm - 10cm


Red Bellied Pacu  – Colossoma Macropomum

We only have a limited amount of these beauties so don't miss out. 

Species only tank                                                                                                               

The Pacu, also known as the "Vegetarian Piranhna" is very similar in appearance to the Piranha but have human like teeth. They are known to grow extremely quickly so a huge tank is essential.  

Adult Length: 60cm

Temperature Range 22-28 C

pH Range: 6.0 -7.5

Special Requirements:  Please research this fish fully before deciding to buy them.

Tanks Mates: Should be kept in species only tanks, and whilst they like to shoal when juvenile they can become aggresive and antisocial as they mature. 

Feeding: . Though they are predominantly herbivors they are also known to eat smaller fish. They will take dried pellets, sticks and fruit, vegetables and seeds.  


  • by Charlie

    Absolutely beautiful healthy fish, so friendly and in lovely condition. Was smaller than said in description.


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