RedHook Silver Dollar ~ 7.5cm


Redhook - Myloplus Rubrinpinnis 


These very popular aquarium fish naturally occur all over northern South America.

The Redhook are fairly hardy once acclimatised but fluctuating water chemistry should be avoided.  They can also be susceptible to high Nitrates.

Adult Length: These can grow up to 10" so be aware they require plenty of room.  

Temperature Range 24-28 C

pH Range: 6.0-7.0

Special Requirements:  Prefer a mature and stable environment.

Tanks Mates: They are generally peaceful herbivores. They can be stocked with any other peaceful fish.

Feeding: These fish are really not fussy when it comes to food. Ranging from algae wafter, fresh veg including cucumbers and peas. To live food like bloodworm and brine shirmp.

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