Silver Shark ~ 4cm - 5cm

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Community with caution – Larger fish                                                                                                                           

The Silver Shark (also known as Bala Shark) can grow up to 12” in length and so should only be housed in a tank that gives them the room to grow. They are fairly peaceful although they will eat small fish if the opportunity presents itself.

Species – Silver Shark - Balantiocheilos Melanopterous

Current Size – 4cm - 5cm

Adult Length – 30cm

Temperature Range – 22 28°C

pH Range – 6.0 – 8.0

Special Requirements -  The silver shark needs space and a good fitting lid. They are excellent jumpers.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – The silver shark does better when kept in groups. they are mostly peaceful but may eat smaller fish such as neon tetras when they reach a large enough size.

Feeding – The silver shark is an omnivore with a big appetite. They grow large for a reason. They should be fed a good varied diet but will eat anything.

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  • by Mudasar A

    Amazing to see my two Silver Sharks doing soo well. Been about a month since purchased and have already grown to about 3.5" highly recommend this company.


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