Superfish Clean Ball - Carbon and Zeolite Moss Ball


The SuperFish Clean Ball looks similar to a regular mossball (Cladophora aegagropila) but in fact contains efficient and proven filter media activated carbon and zeolite to help provide crystal clear water with less algae growth.
The Clean Ball therefore works perfectly along side, and is a great addition to, any existing filtration in your aquarium. This neat and innovative product will help reduce many of the nutrients found within an aquarium, and will aid in the reduction of nuisance algae growth. As well as appearing as a 'natural' enhancement to your aquarium, it will also result in improved conditions for the well being of your fish and plants!
The Superfish Clean Ball is suitable for use in both tropical and coldwater aquariums.
Clean Ball contains:
Norit Active Carbon to remove organic contamination, chemicals and dyes
Zeolite to remove harmful ammonia and heavy metals
Active Alumina to help remove silicates and phosphates from the water- these being an essential nutrient for unsightly algae growth
For maximum results, replace the Clean Ball monthly.
Diameter: 46mm approx.

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