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The Team

The CrewAndrew Lintott

Andrew completed a degree in Aquaculture 25 years ago and has been fish farming ever since. He has also owned and operated 2 aquatic centres. After leading the internet pond fish market with The Carp Co. for the last decade, he has decided that it is time to do the same for tropical fish keepers around the country. Although he doesn't get his hands wet very often now, he is always on hand to offer the benefit of his experience to any customer who may require it.

Sean Miller

Sean has worked with us at Bourne Valley for the last 5 years becoming full time after completing his degree in Aquaculture at Hadlow College. He has now taken on responsibility for the management of the Tropco and has embraced this position whole heartedly. The fish farm's loss is certainly Tropco's gain. His passion for the more extravagant fish may prove expensive for us though!

Jago Farmer


Jago has been working here for the last 8 months, having completed two years at Hadlow College. This young man is quiet, unassuming and above all, dedicated. He is a pleasure to have around and I hope that he stays with us for a long time to come. He loves tropical fish although I do worry that his bedroom floor may collapse if he puts another tank in there!


Jack Nicklin

Jack joined the Carp Co in 2006 where he turned his passion for fish into a career. His ability to find solutions to any problem has made him indispensible to everybody here. He has been intrumental at bringing this humble fish farm into the 21st century, developing an exceptional IT system which keeps track of your order from the second the order is made, right up until it is delivered to your door.

The crew

Natalie King

Natalie has taken charge of the office here in a masterful way. She is an expert multi-tasker and is never too busy to help anyone. She is a fundamental part of the operations of a busy internet business, Ornamental Fish Farm and now the Trop Co.. How she still manages to find the energy for an evening horse ride is a mystery to us! I suspect that dealing with horses for many years is how she is so equipped at controlling the fish boys though!

Vicky Gee

Vicky is the newest member of the team but you wouldn’t know it. She has learnt a huge amount about fish in a very short space of time and will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. She always has a smile of her face, no matter what we throw at her, although she has been known to team up with Natalie when it is time to bully the boss!

The fish farm boys

Stuart & Little Jack are always on hand to help out with the tropical fish. They run Bourne Valley Fish Farm in an exceptionally efficient manner, producing over 300,000 fish a year whilst sending out over 20,000 orders in a typical season. This is no mean feat and somthing that they should be very proud of.