Unipac Aquarium Silica Sand - 2kg


Silica sand for aquariums is the number one way to add natural elements to your aquarium tank whilst ensuring the safety needs of your more delicate aquatic species such as Catfish and Loach are met.

Unipac Silica Sand will protect the delicate barbells of these species whilst also offering other species a comfortable and durable material to nuzzle into and move about - behaviors which mimic those species found in the wild. 

This 2kg bag of silica sand from Unipac is also a great product to use for anchoring ornaments, stone and rocks into.

The sand will act as a sturdy base for ornamental plants also, providing fish and other aquarium inhabitants many stimulating objects to play in and out of.

The natural, fine silica sand can be added effortlessly to the base of the tank - for larger aquariums just add more bags!

A depth and spread to your desire can be achieved and the product is suitable for coldwater and tropical aquariums. 



**Please feel free to enquire if a larger quantity/weight is required.**

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