West African LungFish ~ 35cm


West African Lungfish - Protopterus annectens

Specialist Fish!!        

The fish you will receive will be approximately 14"                                                                                                                

The African Lungfish is a marvel of evolution. It has the ability to burrow into the mud when drought comes and they have been known to survive there for 4 years until a drought is over and it can come out of its caccoon and swim free again. They are not difficult to keep and are very adapt at tolerating poor water conditions (not that we ever recommend they are kept that way). If you are looking to keep a Lungfish then it is important to remember that they can live for 20 years.

Adult Length: Up to 30" in captivity

Temperature Range 24-30 C

pH Range: 6.0-7.5

Special Requirements:  Should be housed in a large aquarium and prefers a muddy or sandy substrate with large smooth rocks. The tank will require a strong lid and they need an air gap at the top of the tank to be able to breath.

Tanks Mate: This fish is best kept on its own. They don;t get on with other lungfish and shouldn't be trusted no to take chunks out of other tank mates. 

Feeding: Lungfish are omnivorous and relatively easy to feed. They will accept all kinds of foods, suck as mussels, worms, insects, prawns and when larger, sprats etc. They will also eat plant matter and pellets once accustomed to them.

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