Pearl Danio ~ 2cm - 2.5cm

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As with all Danios the Pearl is a great starter fish and ideal for most community tanks. The Pearl Danio is a highly underrated and often overlooked fish by many hobbyists. When it is settled in a mature community aquarium with subdued lighting, the colour will display themselves to their full potential and you will be pleased that you opted for the Pearl rather than some of its close relatives.

Species – Pearl Danio - Danio Albolineatus

Current Size – 2cm

Adult Length – 5cm

Temperature Range – 16 - 27°C

pH Range – 6.07.8

Water Hardness – 18 – 143ppm

Special Requirements - All Danios are very active and prone to jumping out of even the smallest gap in an aquarium cover. A tight fitting lid is a must. Pearl Danios normally stay at the top-most levels of the aquarium and do better in schools of 6 or more.           

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – All of the Danio species are very peaceful and active. They do well in a community aquarium made up of peaceful fish or similar size.

Feeding – They are true omnivores and require a quality varied diet. They will eat most dry foods along with live and frozen food.

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