Cyphotilapia Frontosa ~ 4cm - 5cm

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The Frontosa is a very handsome cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. It grows large and has a very pronounced hump on the top of its head when mature.

They are moderately easy to care for but they do need space. They are not overly aggressive and are quite gregarious, so they can be kept in a cichlid community environment. A minimum group needs to be at least one male with three females.

This cichlid is a gently tolerant community fish and doesn't look for trouble, but it will defend a territory once it has established one. Even though they are quite peaceful beware of keeping smaller fish in your aquarium. The Frontosa will stealthily snatch up a small fishy snack if it is available.

SpeciesCyphotilapia Frontosa

Current Size – 4cm - 5cm

Adult Length – 25cm - 30cm

Temperature Range – 24 28°C

pH Range – 7.5 – 8.5

Special Requirements - All African Cichlids are territorial. They need space and a plenty of hiding spaces.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – They can be kept in larger aquariums with other durable African Cichlids and Cats.

Feeding – The Frontosa is a carnivore and should be fed live food, frozen foods and a good high protein cichlid pellet.


Please note – Some images used are library photos and will show the colour potential at a fully mature size, as our fish are juveniles they may vary.

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