Melanochromis Auratus ~ 4cm

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Caution advised – Aggressive Cichlid

This Melanochromis (meaning “Black Cichlid” in Greek) species is a medium-sized Mbuna having a short, rather rounded snout, and relatively narrow mouth.

M. auratus is definitely not for beginners. The reason for being a difficult or problematic fish is due to the fact that it is far more aggressive than the majority of Mbuna. Adult males are perhaps the most aggressive of any Mbuna available. They are violently intolerant of male conspecifics (i.e., fish of similar appearance). Males can be quite effective at laying claim to almost half of a 50-gallon aquarium, fighting anyone who trespasses, unless to spawn.

Species – Melanochromis Auratus

Current Size – 4cm

Adult Length – 11cm

Temperature Range – 23 - 28°C

pH Range – 7.5 – 8.5

Special Requirements - All African Cichlids are territorial to other males. The more rocks and hiding places they have the better.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – Aggressive - Should only be housed with other aggressive tankmates.

Feeding – The Auratus Cichlid is an omnivore but has a very herbivorous diet in nature, so may eat any plant you put in the tank. They need to be fed small meals of dry, fresh and frozen foods that are rich in vegetable matter

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  • by Prter

    have a fully grown one and yes they are aggressive and diggers I have a good 3 inch of gravel and the fish has dug to the bottom in 2 of the caves. it is not as active as the other cichlids I have in the tank preferring to stay in it hole . the nice yellow it came is gone now more of a black colour. but still a loverly fish


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