Glowlight Danio ~ 2cm - 2.5cm

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One of the most vibrant coloured and smallest danios of the family, the Glowlight really is stunning. When mature, their colours are to be marvelled at.

Species – Glowlight Danio - Danio choprae

Current Size – 2cm

Adult Length – 3cm

Temperature Range – 22 - 28°C

pH Range – 5.57.8

Special Requirements - All Danios are very active and prone to jumping out of even the smallest gap in an aquarium cover. A tight fitting lid is a must. Pearl Danios normally stay at the top-most levels of the aquarium and do better in schools of 6 or more. Like to be kept in groups. 

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – An excellent community fish so tank mates are other community type tetras, danios, Corydoras etc.

Feeding –  A complete omnivore and not fussy. A good varied diet and they will eat it all.

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Please note – Some images used are library photos and will show the colour potential at a fully mature size, as our fish are juveniles they may vary.

We always aim to supply the fish as close to the purchase size as possible. On rare occasions if this is not possible we will contact you

The fish are selected at random however you are welcome to make a note on the order and the fish manager will do his best for you, requests are dependent on stock at the time of your order.






  • by Ian F

    Bought six of these lovely young fish colours are great service excellent.


  • by Ian H

    I bought ten of these and I'm not disappointed, they are colourful and very active.
    Delivery was excellent, I was a bit worried on arrival
    As the fish had very concave bellys but soon filled out after about a week


  • by George B

    Received my Glowlight today really, really good. Instantly joined my other Glowlight


  • by Philip W

    Bought a dozen of these and they are a beautiful little fish .Extremely active and fast swimming and a lovely addition to my tank.Very easy to feed readily accepting flake and frozen food,I really love them.


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