Giant Gold Gourami ~ 6cm - 7cm

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The Giant Gourami is a shy and peaceful fish and likes its environment to be the same, with good filtration as this is an extremely messy fish.                

Species – Giant Gold Gourami - Osphronemus Goramy

Current Size – 6cm - 7cm

Adult Length –  70cm

Temperature Range – 22 - 30°C

pH Range – 6.5– 8.0

Special Requirements - Plenty of hiding places are essential in a very large tank. The bigger the better!!  Provide hiding places in the form of robust large rocks and bogwood. Floating plants are preferable though these may be eaten. Powerful and efficient filtration is essential as these are exceptionally messy fish.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – Will eat smaller fish but is generally peaceful with other large fish. Some adults may become very aggressive but this is often due to being kept in an aquarium that is too small. Given plenty of room, this fish will usually coexist with tankmates such as knifefish, large catfish and loricariids.

Feeding – It accepts most foods offered in the aquarium, and a good quality dried food is acceptable as the staple diet. Supplement this with regular meals of small live and frozen foods such as bloodworm for the fish to develop the best health and colouration.

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Please note – Some images used are library photos and will show the colour potential at a fully mature size, as our fish are juveniles they may vary.

We always aim to supply the fish as close to the purchase size as possible. On rare occasions if this is not possible we will contact you.

The fish are selected at random however you are welcome to make a note on the order and the fish manager will do his best for you, requests are dependent on stock at the time of your order.



  • by Melissa

    Little guy arrived this morning, packed very well, very happy with order thanks again Trop Co


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