X-ray Tetra ~ 2.5 - 3cm

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As the name suggests, the X-ray tetra has an almost transparent body which can give this little fish the appearance of an X-ray photograph. The beautiful colour spots on the fins make this fish captivating when in a school. This tetra has a natural tolerance to a wide variety of water parameters, which makes it an excellent choice for the beginner. The X-ray is also very peaceful and tolerant of other community fish.

Species – X-Ray Tetra – Pristella Maxillaris         

Current Size – 2.5cm – 3cm

Adult Length – 4cm

Temperature Range – 22 – 28 °C

pH Range – 6.0 – 7.5

Special Requirements - Best kept in a heavily-planted arrangement with a dark substrate and floating plants to diffuse the lighting. If maintained in sparse surroundings it will not develop its best colours.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility - It’s a very peaceful species that won’t compete well with very boisterous or much larger tankmates. Ideally keep it with other South American species, such as other small tetras, pencil fish, hatchet fish, dwarf cichlids such as ApistogrammaCorydoras and small Loricariids.

In a more general community it can be combined with smaller rasboras, barbs, livebearers, loaches, Anabantoids and West African dwarf cichlids such as Pelvicachromis species.

Ideal Number to Keep - Always buy a group of at least 6 of these, preferably 10 or more. It’s a shoaling species by nature, and will fare much better when in the company of its own kind. Like most tetras it actually looks far more effective when maintained like this anyway.

Feeding -  A micropredator, it feeds mainly on small invertebrates in nature. In the aquarium it proves unfussy. Feed a mixture of dried flakes and granules along with small live and frozen foods such as Daphnia or Artemia

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  • by Lana H

    Love these pretty little tetras. All arrived alive and really well packed. Couldn't recommend enough.


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