Cochu Blue Tetra ~ 1.5cm - 2cm

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The Blue Tetra is a lovely looking tetra that is peaceful if kept in a group in a good sized aquarium that is well planted out. Like other tetras, they can nip fins if they are not kept in groups or are cramped for space.

Species – Cochu Blue Tetra – Knodus Borki

Current Size – 1.5cm – 2cm

Adult Length – 5cm

Temperature Range – 22 – 26 °C

pH Range – 5.5 – 7.0

Water Hardness – 5-12°H

Special Requirements - Best kept in a heavily-planted arrangement with a dark substrate and floating plants to diffuse the lighting. If maintained in sparse surroundings it will not develop its best colours.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility - Although generally peaceful, it may occasionally nip at the fins of conspecifics and other species with elongated fins. This behaviour becomes more apparent at feeding time or if the fish are kept in cramped conditions. Avoid any particularly quiet or slow-moving tankmates as they might be intimidated by the species‘constant movements and vigorous nature. It’s certainly not a good dither species for dwarf cichlids such as Apistogramma. Possible choices include other tetras, Loricariids and smaller catfish such as Corydoras sp.

Ideal Number to Keep - While some individuals can be a little nippy if kept alone, this behaviour is reduced dramatically when it is maintained in a group. It’s therefore recommended to buy no less than 6 of these, preferably 10 or more.

Feeding -  Omnivorous and will accept most foods offered. It particularly relishes small live and frozen foods such as bloodworm, daphnia and brineshrimp. Some vegetable matter such as blanched spinach or a good quality Spirulina flake should also be included in the diet.

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  • by David H

    Received ten this morning all looking healthy and swimming in their bag, very attractive lively fish displaying their blue colouring in the dimmer parts of the aquarium and a silvery blue under the lighting. A good addition to my community tank.


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