Neon Green Rasbora ~ 1.5cm

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Microdevario kubotai is a danionin in the family Cyprinidae. Originally described as a rasbora, Rasbora axelrodi, this tiny species was later deemed to be more closely related to the danios but not enough to be moved into the genus Danio. Sundadanio axelrodi reaches a maximum size of 1.7 -2 cm.

Species – Neon Green Rasbora 

Current Size – 1.5cm

Adult Length – 2cm

Temperature Range – 23 – 26 °C

pH Range – 4.0 – 6.5

Special Requirements - No special requirements, providing you take into account their small stature. It’s a schooling species by nature and really should be kept in a group of at least 20-30 specimens. Maintaining it in decent numbers will not only make the fish less nervous but will result in a more effective, natural-looking display. 

Tanks Mates and Compatibility - These little Rasbora are a perfect accompaniment for Shrimps and other small tetra.

Feeding - Will thrive on good quality pelleted food. Benefits from the inclusion of live and frozen foods in its diet.

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