Pseudotropheus Zebra Red ~ 4-5cm

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Cichlid Community with Caution - Mbunas

The Pseudo. Zebra is a Mbuna Cichlid from Lake Malawi and comes in a number of differing colour morphs.  They are some of the most popular rock dwelling Mbunas. They are very hardy and aggressive enough to be kept with most other Mbuna.

Species – Pseudotropheus Zebra

Current Size – 4-5cm

Adult Length – 16cm

Temperature Range – 23 - 28°C

pH Range – 7.5 – 8.5

Special Requirements - All African Cichlids are territorial to other males. The more rocks and hiding places they have the better.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – Must be kept in semi-aggressive Mbuna Cichlid set ups only. It is best to crowd the tank to reduce aggression and the formation of territories. Males Zebras will be highly aggressive towards their own species therefore keep one male Zebra to a tank with several females in order to prevent the latter from being harassed.

Feeding – This cichlid is an omnivore. Their diet should consist of vegetable matter. An all-purpose, high quality cichlid formula can be used as a basic diet. Including vegetable supplements to their diet will help with overall health.

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