Bucktooth Tetra - Exodon paradoxus - 4cm

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The Bucktooth tetra is not to be mistaken for a peaceful community fish. It certainly isn't and should only be purchased if you know how to keep these interesting but aggresive fish.

The bucktooth tetra is an aggressive shoaling fish that will attack any small tankmates. It will even attack larger silver or shiny tank mates and strip scales off them if hungry. The more you keep in a shoal, the less aggresive they are to each other.

A great fish for the specialist but please make sure you know what you are buying before you commit!

Bucktooth Tetra - Exodon paradoxus

Current Size – 4cm

Adult Length – 10cm

Temperature Range – 22 – 28 °C

pH Range – 5.5-7.5

Tanks Mates and Compatibility - The bucktooth will atack anything small and shiny. It may also attack anything large and shiny! A species only tank is the safest option but it can be kept successfully with some loaches or dull coloured larger tank mates. Be sure that you make any tank mate decisions wisely!


Feeding –  Not a fussy feeder and keeping them well fed is the answer to a harmonious bucktooth existence. Bloodworm, prawns, mussels, earthworms and dry carnovore pellets are all good options.



Please note – Some images used are library photos and will show the colour potential at a fully mature size, as our fish are juvenilles they may vary.

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