Galaxy Rasbora ~ 2cm - 3cm

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This is a stunning little rasbora that is fairly new to the aquatics market. Also known as the Celestial Pearl Danio, it is a miniature beauty that is for the smaller aquarium or nano aquarium.  They are a nervous little fish that needs a well planted tank and they can be easily out competed for food so their tank mates should be selected carefully.

Species – Galaxy Rasbora - Celestichthys margaritatus

Current Size – 2-3cm (These are large specimens of this small beautiful fish)

Adult Length – 3cm

Temperature Range – 21 – 24 °C

pH Range – 7.0 – 8.0

Special Requirements - No special requirements, providing you take into account their small stature.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility - These little Rasbora are a perfect accompaniment for Shrimps and other small tetra.

Feeding - They are omnivores and will be fine with a good mixed diet of crushed flake, algae wafers and a live food.

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