biOrb Green Silk Medium Plant Pack - 28cm


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SKU: 3L46

This Biorb Silk plant range resembles natural plants more closely with its soft delicate appearance texture and dimension to any aquarium as well as a lovely seasonal look.

Perfect when used in most Biorb aquariums of a similar size, the silk artificial plant which can also be used in other tanks too, offers an easy way to create a lush environment inside your aquarium.

Simply drop the plants in wherever required and enjoy an underwater world filled with interesting foliage and obstacles for your fish to wave in and out of.

This aquatic plant is easy to take care of and requires next to no maintenance.

The ornamental feature takes away the responsibility to take care of real aquatic plants and looks just as beautiful.

The plant also offers shelter and security for your aquatic fish.

The plant keeps its vibrant colour together with its shape and offers a long-lasting eye-catching feature for your aquarium for years to come

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