Yellow Rabbit Snail ~ 5cm - 6cm

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The Rabbit Snail is an interesting freshwater snail to keep. It is also called the Elephant Snail and can be a great addition to the community tank. They are very peaceful and can be active both day and night.

They make excellent cleanup crews, seeking out leftover food and vacuuming up detritus from the substrate. They will also consume algae and plant matter, occasionally eating aquarium plants like Java Ferns.

They can reproduce in an aquarium but not at a speed that should cause a problem.

Species – Rabbit Snail – Tylomelania gemmifera

Current Size – 5cm - 6cm

Adult Length – 8cm

Temperature Range – 18 – 26°C

pH Range – 7.07.5

Special Requirements - They prefer a slightly hard water environment to prevent shell erosion.

Tanks Mates and Compatibility – Because a Snail is slow moving and calm in disposition, they should be kept with other non-aggressive tank mates. Be sure to avoid rough and tumble types like Cichlids, Crayfish, Crabs, Goldfish and loaches, as they can eat, injure or kill the snails easily.

Feeding –  They are great scavengers and will eat detritus, alage and waste food. Supplementary wafers or pellets should be given where necessary and they should be rich in calcium.

Please note – Some images used are library photos and will show the colour potential at a fully mature size, as our fish are juveniles they may vary.

We always aim to supply the fish as close to the purchase size as possible. On rare occasions if this is not possible we will contact you.

The fish are selected at random however you are welcome to make a note on the order and the fish manager will do his best for you, requests are dependent on stock at the time of your order.

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