Tetra Active Substrate 3L - 2.5kg


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SKU: 2T3

Natural substrate which provides a plant-friendly soil climate and lush, healthy plant growth.

The large surface and the porous structure of the water neutral clay granules offer several advantages compared to conventional gravel.

**This is not an active soil, that buffers pH**

Promotes the settlement of beneficial soil bacteria
  • Reduces organic water pollution
  • Relieves the filter and ensures clearer water
  • Supports the cycling time of the aquarium
Avoids the formation of soil compaction
  • Provides an optimal soil structure
  • Prevents root rot
Benefits the fast rooting of plants
  • Guarantees a firm grip as also fine roots are able to anchor in the clay pores
Provides plant roots optimally with nutrients
  • Allows a constant water circulation by 50 % more water permeability compared to conventional gravel
  • Promotes a strong and healthy plant growth

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