Seachem Flourish Trace - 100ml


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Flourish Trace - Trace Elements for the planted aquarium. 

Just like fish, plants need trace elements to be added which don't exist in the aquarium. Trace elements can be added by using a substrate such as Seachem Flourite or by adding liquid additives. Seachem Flourish trace introduces a broad range of these trace elements which are essential for plant health and growth. Trace elements are depleted through utilization (i.e being used), oxidation and precipitation and so it is essential that trace elements are kept topped up. We recommend that Seachem Flourish trace be used with Seachem flourish for the best results.

Seachem Flourish trade is safe to be used with shrimp and invertebrates such as Nerite snails. The product does contain copper, but in trace levels. The product would have to be overdosed by over 300x the recommended amount to begin reaching levels of copper that could stress snails.

100ml treats 80 Litres

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