Rift Lake & Other African Cichlids

Rift Lake & Other African Cichlids

COVID-19 Status - Unfortunately the couriers that had promised to deliver our parcels through December are not meeting the standards that we can accept. Fish welfare will always come first and so we have closed the checkout on the website until we are happy that deliveries can resume safely. This will probably be Christmas. All pending orders will be delivered as promised.

We are open for collections Monday to Saturday until Christmas and will be offering 10% off for all visiting customers. Everything that is listed on the website is here in stock.

Local deliveries may be possible. Please call us and ask. 

A good African Cichlid Setup can be one of the most rewarding aquariums to keep. In a large aquarium with plenty of space and hiding places, the territorial nature of these stunning fish can be observed as they set up the hierarchy. Providing that they have enough space, the water chemistry is maintained and the fish are fed a varied quality diet, African Cichlids can be reletively easy to keep but we recommend that you research how best ot kepp them before considering an order. 

We have a huge range available to us so if you do not see exactly what you are looking for then please drop us a line and we will see if we can source what you are looking for.

Cichlids will usually not arrive in full colour. The males will not show full coloration until they are mature and happy in their new home.