Tetramin Tropical Flake - 52g


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TetraMin is a biologically balanced flake food providing a complete diet for daily feeding of all ornamental fish. The flakes float for a long time before slowly sinking, making them ideal for a mixed stock of fish. This carefully selected mix of over 40 ingredients contains high quality, functional nutrients with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The food also includes prebiotics to improve the bodily functions of fish and food conversion. This ensures healthy fish growth, vitality and colour vibrancy, and keeps the aquarium water clear.
TetraMin is the world's best selling tropical fish food, providing a staple food for all ornamental fish to ensure a long and healthy life.
Consists of more than 40 high quality ingredients for a complete, balanced diet.
Excellent acceptance by all sizes and types of tropical fish.
Low waste formula means cleaner and healther water.
Patented ActiveFormula maintains a healthy immune system.

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