Nitrico Bacterial Goop

Nitrico Bacterial Goop

Nitrico Bacterial Goop is a pouch of live nitrifying bacteria. It will allow you to add fish to a new aquarium without the usual ammonia and nitrite problems associated with immature filters. You can also add Nitrico Goop to your existing mature tank to prevent Ammonia or Nitrite spikes when introducing new fish. We always recommend testing your water quality regularly, whether using a Nitrico Bacterial product or not.

Each pouch of Nitrico Goop contains trillions of true, freshwater Ammonia and Nitrite Oxidising bacteria. These bacteria are alive and ready to colonise your Aquarium and filter. They are hungry for fish waste and will break down the ammonia and nitrite in your aquarium to ensure that the water continues to be safe for your fish, shrimps, frogs or any other aquatic life that you are keeping.

Nitrico goop has been developed following 4 years of research and development into the mass production of live nitrifying bacteria. Our bacteria have been produced to break down fish waste but have never been exposed to any fish stocks. This means that there is no chance of transferring any fish pathogens to your aquarium. The use of this bacteria is how Tropco manage to operate 1100 independently filtered aquariums, changing and sterilising every filter between each batch of fish.

As these bacteria are alive, they will be packed and shipped to arrive on a day that is suitable for you. If you make a fish order at the same time, they will arrive together. They should be added to your tank as soon as you can so that they remain alive and ready to break down any available ammonia or nitrite. This product does not have a long shelf life (as it is alive) and that is why, wherever possible, we advise that your pouch of bacteria is used as soon as possible after it arrives, ideally within 48 hours. Fish can be added to the tank at the same time or within 48 hours of the bacteria being introduced.

This product is designed to break down the ammonia as the fish excrete it. If you prefer to dose with an artificial ammonia source, please bear in mind that an influx of ammonia at one time does not mirror a normal aquarium ecosystem and so results will be different. If you spike the input of ammonia, you will spike every stage along the line as the bacteria break down the bulk addition. It is far preferrable, if you are going to dose with ammonia to try to mimic normal fish ammonia release by drip feeding your ammonia feed. This will minimise the spikes that you see in the system.

The only time that any customers struggle with the use of goop is when it has been used in extremely soft water with no KH present or used in conjunction with new soil or other active substrates. An active substrate such as soil will leach large amounts of ammonia for a number of weeks. It will also, often, absorb KH from your water. All nitrifying bacteria rely on KH to survive and thrive. Without it, your cycle and/or goop will die. If you are using a new active substrate then we advise monitoring your water for ammonia leaching and KH depletion before buying any Nitrico product. Only when your water is stable should you consider any Nitrico product.