Nitrico 250 Litre Bacterial Goop Pouch


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A pouch of live Nitromonas and Nitrobacter goop ready to populate your new aquarium and filter.

We rate this pouch of bacteria to efficiently break the waste down in a tank up to 250 litre volume that is sensibly stocked. If you feel that your stocking density is high for the size of the tank, please consider purchasing a larger pouch of bacteria than you may think is necessary.

When your filter bacteria arrive, the pouch will contain trillions of live nitrifying nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria. It is important that your bacteria are administered into the tank very soon after delivery and fish should be introduced at the same time as the bacteria or within 48 hours if possible. If ordering with your Tropco fish order then they will be delivered together.

Our bacteria are cultured in our state of the art, bacterial digester. They have not seen fish and there is absolutely no chance of any disease cross contamination as there would be if you moved media from one fish filter to another. Please ensure your pH is above 6.5 and your kH is not below 4 to ensure that your filter bacteria can thrive properly.

Your pouch of bacteria will come with clear and easy instructions on how to use them effectively.

The only time that any customers struggle with the use of goop is when it has been used in extremely soft water with very low KH present or used in conjunction with new soil or other active substrates. An active substrate such as soil will leach large amounts of ammonia for a number of weeks. It will also, often, absorb KH from your water. All nitrifying bacteria rely on KH to survive and thrive. Without it, your cycle and/or goop will die. If you are using a new active substrate then we advise monitoring your water for ammonia leaching and KH depletion before buying any Nitrico product. Only when your water is stable should you consider using any Nitrico bacterial product.

We do not recommend ever adding more than double dose to any aquarium as bacterial die off may cause a spike in nitrite. If you feel that you may require a higher dose, please contact us.

The size of goop pouch that we recommend for a tank is sufficient to break down the equivalent of 2ppm waste ammonia in 24 hours at 26 deg. C. Rarely is it necessary to increase this dose unless the tank is heavily stocked or there is an additional ammonia source present. If you add too much goop then you may see a nitrite spike due to bacterial die off. This does not mean that the bulk of the bacteria are dead. It just means that the number of bacteria is adjusting to the correct levels for your situation. A nitrite spike can usually be rectified quickly with a water change with dechlorinated water. Once the bacteria die off has occurred, the water chemistry should stabilise very quickly.

Nitrico goop cannot make up for an inadequate filter system or lack of flow in your tank.

Please take a look at the FAQ section on the Nitrico website as many questions are answered there.


  • by David B

    Fantastic product, had high Nitrites and Amonia in a new set up, put this in and the following day all readings at 0.


  • by Alex A

    I used 1 250l pouch on my new 500l tank that had a ammonia and nitrite spike, this solved the problem in less than 24H!!!
    water is perfect and ready for fish.


  • by Ann R

    Wow! How this stuff isn’t more widely known about I’ll never know?!?! I had a cycled 70l tank which I upgraded to a 252l but the cycle crashed unfortunately it just couldn’t cope. I originally tried cycling with prime and stability with no water changes it just wouldn’t work my nitrites were regularly reading 2.0 using api master test kit and nitrates 5-10. The fish we’re starting to look unhappy, my tank was a mess due to no water changes etc so i decided to give goop a go, I was sceptical let me tell you! I messaged tropco and spoke to Sean he helped me decide to actually take the goop plunge and talked me through the process. I did a 50% water change, cleaned my filter which was chocca thanks to two plecos haha. I then massaged the magic potion aka goop into my sponges then once my filter was back up and running I squirted some into my filter intake, my tank didn’t cloud up much to be honest, I’m guessing that’s because I massaged it into the sponges so it didn’t really blow straight back out. I took readings this morning and I was gobsmacked 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 10 nitrate!!!! I mean WOW just WOW! I’m so pleased I took the goop plunge! My fish are so much happier today, the corys are breeding like wildfire haha, seriously this stuff is amazing I highly recommend it, in fact I may order more and reboot my 70l tank!!!
    My tank:
    252l fluval shaker
    Fluval 307
    Ph 7.5
    Heavily planted


  • by Jonathan N

    Fantastic stuff - I had a brand new planted tank. Added goop after a week or so, and the ammonia cleared overnight. Fish added the following day, and are doing superbly. Goop is a game changer :)


  • by Alisdair M

    I’m not one to usually review but, I used goop bacteria to cycle a new filter over the last few weeks and it was unreal! I started with an empty tank and new filter media, added ammonia to feed the bacteria and within 30 hours it went from 5ppm of ammonia to 0! I tested it again over the next days, dosing to 1-2ppm of ammonia each day and the next morning it was always back to zero. Not once did nitrite spike and nitrate got to around 10 or so. Absolutely unreal!!


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