Mature K1 Media 0.5 Litre


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Often used in fluidised bed filters, K1 media is one of the best filter media around. Commonly used into the aquaculture industry the media has become popular with pond fishkeepers and in turn, tank keepers. Ideal for sumps the media is matured using our bio-reactor, goop, room. 

The media is bio-secure and has never seen fish. The media has been matured for several months and contains billions of live bacteria.

Please note: This product has not been developed to deal with manual ammonia dosing or abnormal ammonia loading. It has been developed to break down the waste produced by aquatic life in Aquariums and ponds. If you are introducing high levels of ammonia into your tank then you are likely to experience spikes in water quality. An instant cycle of your tank is less likely to be achieved if additional ammonia is being introduced.

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